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Composite Fillings in Tucson, AZ
Composite Fillings Tuscon, AZComposite fillings, also called resin fillings, are used for a variety of purposes. Composite fillings are used to plug holes in teeth caused by tooth decay, to reshape or even out disfigured teeth, fix discolorations and address other cosmetic concerns.

Today, many patients are choosing composite fillings with Dr. Robert Hawke, a cosmetic dentist in Tucson, AZ. They are favored over of metal fillings because they look more natural, which is especially important for patients who need front tooth work. Unlike metal fillings, which contain mercury that could pose health risks, composite fillings are made from a safe mixture of plastic and glass, which also makes for a tighter bonding agent.

The Composite Fillings Procedure

A composite fillings procedure with Dr. Hawke typically takes just one office visit. Patients who have composite fillings may experience a little sensitivity afterwards, but that is normal and should go away shortly.

1. The teeth are numbed for your comfort.
2. The decay is removed and/or the damaged part of the teeth is prepped for the composite.
3. The composite material is mixed and then placed over the teeth in layers. A laser beam is also used to bond the fillings tightly to the teeth.
4. The composite is molded to the teeth for a perfect fit and appearance.
5. The composite fillings are polished, which helps them to fight decay, stains and keep them strong against stress and damage.

Composite fillings last a long time but eventual repairs and replacements are not uncommon. Good oral hygiene and visiting Dr. Hawke for regular cleanings and checkups can go a long way in keeping them in top shape.

Composite fillings are today’s preference over metal. To make your smile more beautiful and healthy, call the cosmetic dentist in Tucson, AZ today for a consultation.
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