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Patients that have gums that are receding can feel self-conscious about making appearances in public or holding intimate conversations with friends and family.As their gums recede, it exposes more and more of the root of your teeth. The roots of your teeth can often be discolored, and the appearance of longer teeth can be a constant thought for many patients...Read More​​​​​​​

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We can often point to every flaw that we see in our smile. If you’ve found yourself wondering what it would be like to fix all those problems and have that perfect smile, it’s time that you discussed cosmetic dentistry with your dentist...Read More​​​​​​​

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Lasers today are being used in so many medical applications today, that it is not surprising to find that some dentists are offering laser procedures for many dental conditions. Lasers have been in use in the dental field since 1994 and are FDA approved for their use. The ADA continues to remain optimistic about the progression that lasers have been making and their application to dentistry. Lasers are used to help treat a wide variety of dental conditions for patients and offer increased accuracy, reduced discomfort, and faster recovery times...Read More​​​​​​​

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Gums are also called gingivae. Gums are made of the soft pink tissue that connects at the base of your teeth. Healthy gums are composed of dense tissue that helps to provide a protective layer to the underlying roots of each tooth. The roots of the tooth are not protected as well as the upper portion of the tooth by enamel, so if the gum recedes down the tooth, it can leave the entire tooth susceptible to cavities, infection, and decay...Read More​​​​​​​

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Bacteria is present in our mouths all the time. The warm, moist atmosphere makes it an ideal location for all types of bacteria, from those which keep us healthy to those that make us sick or cause dental problems. In fact, there are often more than 70 types present in our mouths at any one time. When we brush our teeth, we remove some of the bacteria in our mouths which helps to keep levels of these organisms under control. However, while they can be found in any location inside our mouths, some particularly like to accumulate on the teeth and along the gum line...Read More​​​​​​​