Gum disease is a significant problem, believed to affect more than 80% of the population. Yet despite the huge number of estimated sufferers, only a very small percentage of patients actually seek treatment for gum disease during their lifetime. Gum disease can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms ranging from bleeding, swollen gums to dental pain. However, if left untreated it can have a severe and permanent consequence – tooth loss.


Advanced gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Fortunately, there are now very successful and effective treatments available that can deal with this inflammatory infection and help you retain your teeth. One of the newest and most innovative is known as LANAP laser surgery.

What is LANAP laser surgery?

LANAP is a minimally invasive gum disease treatment that has been proven to regenerate both soft tissue and bone. It uses a very specific laser – the PerioLaseÒ MVP-7Ô.


LANAP laser treatment facilitates the re-growth of the three key components needed for strong, healthy, functioning teeth. These are:


Cementum – the thin layer of bony material that fixes teeth to the jaw.

Periodontal ligament – the fibrous connective tissue that joins the cementum covering the root to the alveolar bone.

Alveolar bone – the thickened ridge of bone that contains the tooth sockets.


The LANAP laser uses specific wavelengths of energy, at specific pulse durations, in order to regenerate these components and make the teeth more stable within the sockets and jaw. The entire process is carried out under local anesthetic, with sedation available should it be required. Once you are comfortable, the ultra-fine laser will be targeted in the pre-determined locations where it will eradicate infection and diseased tissue without cutting the gums themselves. Once this is done, the tooth roots can be cleaned to remove plaque and tartar, before the laser is then used to create a blood clot to seal the pocket and complete the treatment.


Why choose LANAP laser treatment?

There are a variety of benefits to choosing LANAP laser treatment to address your gum disease and preserve your teeth.


-         It is non-invasive, meaning no scalpels, no stitches and virtually no recovery time.

-         Less pain after the procedure.

-         No gum tissue is lost during the procedure.

-         Patients experience less bleeding, swelling and other side effects after their treatment.

-         There is a lower risk of complications since the laser used is sterile.

-         Most patients find that they heal more quickly following LANAP than conventional gum surgeries.

-         It delivers reproducible, consistent and predictable results.

-         Only LANAP trained specialists can deliver this revolutionary new treatment, ensuring you are in the safest of hands.



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