Dental Implant Cost in Tucson, AZ

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Say goodbye to traditional dentures that slide around and make embarrassing noise. All-on-4 dental implants for Southern Arizona residents are an effective, innovative tooth replacement option that secures dentures in place using four dental implants.

The All-on-4 tooth replacement is especially intended for people with low bone density because it utilizes whatever existing bone there is. In fact, an All-on-4 tooth replacement actually helps maintain your current bone density. Supported by decades of medical research and thousands of satisfied patients who wear them, dental implants stimulate the bone to keep it vital just like real tooth roots do.

The All-on-4 tooth replacement procedure also has a 98.5 percent success rate. Eat what you wish, socialize without embarrassment, and enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are doing something good and healthy for your jaw bone.

Benefits of The All-on-4 Tooth Replacement

  • It is fast. The All-on-4 dental implants procedure requires just one office visit with Dr. Robert Hawke.

  • It is affordable. All-on-4 costs less than standard dental implants but still does the job.

  • Works with existing bone density. The All-on-4 tooth replacement option is designed to utilize the bone you have to reduce the need for bone grafting.

  • Strengthens the jaw bone. Dental implants are a greatly favored tooth replacement among dental professionals because they stop bone loss. Dental implants engage the bone every day to keep it in good working condition.

  • Easy to care for. Just practice good oral hygiene and visit with Dr. Hawke for regular dental checks.

  • Eat and speak freely. Dental implants take the place of strong, healthy tooth roots so you can chew and chat without the worry of wearing a denture that might slip and create noise.

Once Dr. Hawke examines your mouth and locates the best bone density, those areas are numbed and the implants are placed. A temporary denture is then fitted, which will allow you to function while the implants fuse to your bone. This takes a few months, but when it is complete, Dr. Hawke will be able to attach the fixed denture for a lasting and durable smile.

Call Dr. Hawke today for a personalized All-on-4 tooth replacement consultation.

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