Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Tucson, AZ​​​​​​​

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Dental implants from Tucson, AZ dentist Dr. Robert Hawke give adults with missing teeth a beautiful, functional smile whether they have a single missing teeth or multiple missing teeth.

Adults with missing teeth who wear conventional dentures and bridges may encounter some negative long term effects. The biggest issue is bone loss. The jawbones of adults with missing teeth lose the stimulation that natural teeth used to provide. Wearing conventional appliances does not help because they sit on the gums while bone continues to wither away. Adults with missing teeth who have significant bone loss develop sagging facial muscles, causing them to look older. Lack of bone and muscle also make it difficult for adults with missing teeth to keep their dentures in place, making eating and speaking uncomfortable.

Two Types of Conventional Tooth Replacements

Old-style removable partial dentures consist of a number of false teeth that are attached to a base and held together with metal and plastic. Patients with missing teeth place the denture on the gum line and secure it with clips.

Fixed partial dentures, or three unit bridges, are also used by adults with missing teeth to fill spaces between two natural teeth. To accommodate the appliance, the teeth must be grinded, which exposes them to stress.

Adults with missing teeth who wear these appliances usually replace them every five to seven years.

Dental Implants are Different

For a strong, permanent smile that looks and feels natural, more adults with missing teeth are choosing dental implants. Dental implants from Dr. Hawke are made of decay-resistant titanium, which is non-irritating to the body. Once the implants are placed in the jaw, they integrate with the bone and take on the function of real human teeth. Dental implants are favored by dental professionals and adults with missing teeth, because they protect and strengthen bone.

Dental implants are flexible enough to be placed at any location in the mouth with enough bone density. Adults with missing teeth can use them to replace just one tooth or many teeth. Patients with missing teeth who do not have enough bone may need a bone graft first.

Another option for adults with missing teeth is implant supported dental bridges. These appliances are anchored to the implants instead of teeth. During the initial procedure, patients are fitted with a temporary tooth appliance (flipper) until the implants fuse with the bone. Once that happens, Dr. Hawke can affix a permanent bridge.

Dental implants help adults with missing teeth feel good about their smile again. Please call us today for a personal consultation about dental implants in Tucson, AZ.

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