Implant Supported Dentures in Tucson, AZ​​​​​​​

Traditional dentures function from the gum line where they tend to slip and make noise over time. Dentures in adults also place the jaw at risk for bone loss. When teeth fall out, bone starts to deteriorate. Dentures do not engage the jaw to keep it active.

Dental implants from Tucson, AZ dentist Dr. Robert Hawke solve these problems. Dental implants greatly improve the fit and function of dentures in adults. Dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone and then the dentures are locked into them for a secure fit. Dentures in adults that receive support from implants also keep the jaw bone healthy. Dental implants engage bone and prevent it from deteriorating.

How Dental Implants with Dr. Hawke Improve Dentures in Adults

Implant supported dentures in adults come in two varieties and can be worn as a detachable or permanent appliance in both the upper and lower jaw.

Bar-Retained Dentures in adults

Bar-retained dentures function from just above the gum line. Dr. Hawke examines your mouth and decides how many implants to use and where to place them. After placing the implants in your jaw, he then connects them with a tiny thread of wire, which is where the dentures sit. You just place the dentures on top of the wire and lock them in with a few clips.

Ball-Retained Dentures in adults

​​​​​​​Ball-retained dentures, also known as stud-attached dentures, function using a ball and socket and have an open palate to make eating more pleasurable because the roof of the mouth is exposed. Dr. Hawke examines your mouth and decides how many implants to use and where to place them. These implants have studs on the ends, and the denture is outfitted with matching sockets. You simply line the dentures up with the studded implants and lock them into place.

Dental implants make dentures in adults better! To learn more about implant supported dentures, please call Dr. Hawke today for a private consultation.
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