The WaterLase® Dental Laser is a versatile laser tool that allows the doctor to cut teeth, bone, and gum tissue more accurately and with less trauma than with traditional tools such as a drill or scalpel. The WaterLase® Drill can be used in procedures such as replacing filings, cosmetic procedures, implant placements, and periodontal therapies.

How does it work?

The WaterLase® Dental Laser uses a combination of YSGG laser energy and a spray of water in a process called HydroPhotonics™. Because the drill uses water and light energy there is no friction like with a traditional drill. Friction causes heat and ultimately pain. Because the WaterLase® does not cause such friction, there is less need for powerful anesthetics. In fact, many WaterLase® procedures can be done using no anesthetic at all!

What are the benefits of the WaterLase®?

There is little to no friction or vibration caused during a WaterLase® procedure, thus making the procedure far more comfortable and less painful. Since many procedures can be done with no anesthetic, trips to the dentist’s office are also shorter because there is no wait time for numbing to occur. Traditional methods, such as drilling, can also be abrasive. This abrasiveness damages the tissue and may slow down healing time and increases the post-treatment pain patients may feel. WaterLase® patients usually experience little inflammation and discomfort post-treatment, if any. And doctors using the WaterLase® are able to work on teeth and gums with unprecedented accuracy. Without the heat and vibration of a drill, the laser is able to precisely remove decay without affecting the surrounding teeth and gums.

What can WaterLase® do?

The WaterLase® Laser can be used in a variety of procedures, including:·

  • Cavity Preparation

  • Caries Removal

  • Hard Tissue Surface Roughening or Etching

  • Enameloplasty (the excavation of pits and fissures for placement of sealants)

  • Dental Implant Preparation

  • Recontouring or Shaping of the Gum Line

  • Removal of Oral Growths

  • Fix a “Tongue Tie” or Prevent Gum Recession

  • Treat Periodontal Disease

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